2013 Vintage White

Kenwood has produced a delicious white table wine for over three decades. Blended from a combination of grapes from Sonoma County and other California appellations, this wine shows appealing aromas of lemon blossoms, lychee and vanilla complemented by a refreshing mouthfeel with crisp acidity and a touch of sweetness.

Winemaker Notes

The Sauvignon Blanc was fermented in stainless steel to preserve its lively tropical fruit characters. The Chardonnay (fermented in oak) adds weight to the mouthfeel as well as a subtle hint of sweet vanilla and toast. A touch of Pinot Blanc, Gewürztraminer and Muscat were added to the final blend to provide additional complexity and floral notes to the aroma. These lots were blended together to form an appetizing, well-balanced wine, with the fresh flavors of a Sauvignon Blanc and the full body of a Chardonnay.

Food Pairings

The crisp, bright fruit flavors of this wine are perfect when served as an apéritif or with salads, fruit and cheese, light pasta dishes and fish.

Wine Profile


58% Sauvignon Blanc
37% Chardonnay
4% Muscat
1% Pinot Gris

The Chardonnay was fermented in oak


5.9 / 3.41