Elyse Kirkhoff


Elyse Kirkhoff

Elyse Kirkhoff runs the laboratory at Kenwood Vineyards. She grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania and has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a minor in Business Administration.

"I love knowing that every bottle I help make is something that brings people together to celebrate and makes them happy."

Elyse has been in the wine industry since 2012, working the harvest season in different wine regions all over the world including northern and central California, New Zealand and Australia. She worked harvest at Kenwood Vineyards in the 2014 season and came back full time April 2015 to join the winemaking team.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and likes to stay very active coaching skiing, going rock climbing or on trail runs. She is also very fond of travelling, especially to places with good wine, and any activities that get her outside.