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Rachel Gondouin

Assistant Winemaker

Rachel Gondouin, Kenwood Assistant Winemaker

Rachel got into winemaking through a happy accident. Driven to combine her passions, she wanted a career in a fun industry where she could work outside, have opportunities to travel and be able to put both her creativity and technical abilities to the test. After taking an introductory wine class she discovered that winemaking was the answer to her ambitions.

“I’m passionate about Kenwood’s commitment to the environment and sustainability and giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy quality wine.”

Once she’d dipped her toes into the industry, a passion was ignited and she was ready to dive in head first. Having graduated from California State University, she worked across a variety of wineries focusing mainly on crafting Napa Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Now living in Sonoma, Rachel is inspired by the outdoors way of life in the community and the values of being active and striking a healthy work life balance. She joined Kenwood because of a shared passion for continued quality standards and upheld beliefs throughout vineyard management all the way to the wine sales.

Always seeking new discoveries, Rachel maintains her own work life balance by running, cooking, looking after her two dogs, painting and even learning to fly.