Sean Haraszthy

Cellar Master

Sean Haraszthy, Kenwood Vineyards Cellar Master

Sean’s connection to Sonoma goes way back and is deeply ingrained in his family history - his great-great-great-grandfathers Mariano Vallejo and Agoston Haraszthy even founded Sonoma back in 1835. Legendary in their status, Agoston is even referred to as “the father of California viticulture” as he was the first person to bring wine grapes to Northern California. Since then 6 generations of his family have continuously lived in and loved Sonoma.

“My favorite Kenwood Vineyard is Jack London. You can feel the dynamic energy of the terroir from this sacred site in every bottle of Cabernet that we make.”

Beginning his career as a Harvest Intern back in 2000, Sean spent a decade at Kenwood Vineyards before leaving to help his dad at Haraszthy Family Cellars. After 2 years he decided to return to his passion in wine production, working for Arrowood Vineyards until 2014 when he rejoined the Kenwood team as a Cellar Master.

Every day Sean takes time to appreciate the true beauty of the land and harvest is his favorite time of year - it’s a magical time that drives him to do what he does. But the wine industry isn’t just where he discovered his passion or where he followed his family’s rich legacy, it’s also where he found love. He met his wife Brittainy in Arrowood Winery in 2012 before marrying her in 2017. Together they enjoy taking long nature drives through Sonoma Valley and taking in the rugged landscape.