Zeke Neeley


Kenwood Winemaker Asses Harvest

Zeke’s been fascinated with Sonoma Valley ever since he was a kid - it played a huge role in igniting his passion for the great outdoors. Having grown up in the foggy town of Daly City, south of San Francisco, he always loved visiting his grandparents on the sunnier, wilder side of California.

"When walking a vineyard near harvest it feels like a conversation between me, the vineyard and the wild forces of nature discussing what personality this wine will have, and then I do my best to reach that ideal."

His fascination with Sonoma stayed with him throughout his college years where he studied biochemistry at U.C. Davis. He later worked in the biotech industry on cancer research, but his love for the Wine Country led him to pursue his dream of being a winemaker.

After achieving an M.S. in Viticulture and Enology, Zeke gained invaluable experience working at wineries across Santa Cruz, Carneros and Napa, spending a decade in total as a winemaker in Napa. Having earned a reputation for his craft, he then made it back to the Sonoma sun to live out his childhood aspirations. Ever since then Zeke’s been orchestrating the cellar here at Kenwood.

When he’s not making wine, Zeke enjoys exploring the rich landscapes Sonoma has to offer or spending time with his family watching baseball.