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Volunteer efforts
Aug 01, 2019

Keeping Sonoma Wild

Kenwood Vineyards has launched its new team volunteering program by removing four truckloads of weeds and debris from the creek in Larson Park, Sonoma. Next, they are ready to get their hands dirty again in October at the Jack London State Historic Park orchard.

This is just the start of Kenwood’s commitment as a team to volunteer together quarterly to preserve, rehabilitate and restore the wilds of Sonoma.

The Kenwood team credits the incredible wild landscape and the diverse environment of Sonoma for the quality of the grapes and the inspiration for the craft of our wine.

“Our connection with the wild is the driving factor behind everything we do,” Zeke Neeley, Winemaker said.

“The wild of Sonoma inspires our passion, our craft, and the way we live our lives. We believe that it’s important to give back to the earth what it so generously gives to us.”

On 25 July, a team of enthusiastic Kenwood employees headed to Larson Park Creek in partnership with Sonoma County Regional Parks to help clean up the area by removing trash and invasive plant species. The aim was to allow the natural plants to regenerate, help the flow of water and stop erosion of the creek bed leading to the return of wildlife – including beavers, deer, bears, and mountain lions.

Coming on the 6th of November, Jack London State Historic Park’s orchard will be the focus of the volunteering efforts, a place which Kenwood has been affiliated with since the late 1970s. Kenwood Vineyards gained exclusive rights to source grapes and make wines from the Jack London ranch founded by the famous American author and adventurer. The volunteering project encapsulates how inspired the team are by London’s passion for the land.

“We are all really excited about this project as the orchard originally belonged to Jack London, and so not only are we helping the environment, but we are also restoring a culturally significant location,” Aldo Barrios, VP of Marketing said.

The day will see the team helping to replant areas of the orchard with cuttings taken from historic trees that were part of the original orchard’s make-up. Some of the varieties that make up the orchard include quince, apple, cherry, pear and apricot.

“There is such a strong passion for the outdoors, and everyone welcomes a day to just spend outside reconnecting with the landscape we love,” Aldo said.

The winery is surrounded by three State Parks, and its vineyards blend with the local wildlife’s natural habitat. The respect for the land runs deep with a biodiversity program restoring and protecting natural habitats for bird life, fish and insects; all the Estate Ranches are certified California sustainable and growers are encouraged to implement sustainability practices; the Kenwood team have previously supported non-profit organisations including Sonoma County Trails Council, Jack London State Park and the National Forest Foundation.