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Orchard Planting Picture
Nov 12, 2019


The Kenwood Vineyards team turned the attention from vines to fruit trees on November 6, as they helped replant the orchard in the Jack London State Historic Park.

The replanting participation is part of the recently launched Kenwood team volunteering program, which is a commitment by the winery to give their time quarterly to preserve, rehabilitate and restore the wilds of Sonoma.

Jack London State Historic Park is a place close to the heart of Kenwood. Since 1976, Kenwood Vineyards has been the exclusive producer of wines from the historic lava-terraced vineyards of the famous Jack London Ranch.

Kenwood Operations Vice President, Jo-Anna Partridge said it was very special to be working on the same land and helping to restore the orchard from Jack London’s era.

“Jack London truly respected the land and wilds of Sonoma, and we want to do the same at Kenwood both in our vineyards and in our volunteering projects,” Jo-Anna said.

“Being able to spend time in this historic orchard within Jack London State Park meant we were able to preserve valuable Sonoma heritage and know that the fruit trees we’ve planted will be here for generations to come.”

There were 17 team members from Kenwood who planted 16 apple and pear trees alongside Jack London Park partners. Each sapling was caged to protect them from deer and other wildlife, as well as labelled to include information about which tree the grafting scion is from, the fruit type and year planted.

The Kenwood team is already planning their next volunteering day for early 2020, as they can’t wait to get back out and give back to the wilds of Sonoma again.

The winery is surrounded by three State Parks, and its vineyards blend with the local wildlife’s natural habitat. The respect for the land runs deep with a biodiversity program restoring and protecting natural habitats for bird life, fish and insects; all the Estate Ranches are certified California sustainable and growers are encouraged to implement sustainability practices; the Kenwood team have previously supported non-profit organisations including Sonoma County Trails Council, Jack London State Park and the National Forest Foundation.