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Dec 18, 2017

More Than a Resolution, Here’s to 2018 and Beyond

We’re revving up to ring in the New Year here at Kenwood Vineyards and enjoying all the holiday festivities along the way. As January 1st steadily approaches we’ve been hearing a lot of talk about New Year’s resolutions. Being the food, wine, and outdoor enthusiasts that we are, we can’t help but feel like most resolutions just aren’t for us. Rather than trying out a new diet or getting cooped up in a crowded gym, our resolution is to share the Kenwood way of life with you. All these tips and tricks have helped us live life to the fullest and we’ve got a feeling that they’ll help you do the same. So raise a glass of Kenwood... Here’s to 2018 and beyond!

No Service, No Problem

Don’t be afraid to disconnect. In an age where everyone is constantly connected to technology, take a second to breathe and look away from the screen. Make 2018 a year to log off and connect with those around you. Turn off your phone at the dinner table. Go for a walk without headphones. Live life in a way that implies when your phone has no service… it’s no problem.

Let’s Take This Outside

Get outside more. Whether it’s cooking, exercising, or drinking a glass of wine…. Take it outside! Make 2018 the year where you get outside more often. Studies have shown that spending more time outside can increase brain function, reduce stress, and of course helps you get your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Come Together

If there’s anything that 2017 taught us here in Sonoma, it’s that you never know when you may need a helping hand. Make a resolution to go out and help your community more in 2018. Consider donating to a local charity, spend time helping a nonprofit near you, or just help someone out in need.

Instead of trudging to an overcrowded gym in 2018, give the Kenwood way of life a go. These simple steps have led us to experience life to the fullest and even helped us make delicious wine along the way. So put your phone on do not disturb, grab a bottle of Kenwood, and raise a glass beneath the stars this New Years Eve.