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Mar 28, 2018

Restoring the Wild

We aren’t just winemakers, we’re winemakers of Sonoma. Which means we stay true to our roots and draw inspiration from the wild, rugged land that we call home. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve joined forces with the Sonoma County Trails Council as they continue their crucial efforts in restoring our State and Regional parks. We’re partnering up with the SCTC because just like them, our mission is to protect and restore Sonoma and inspire our community to get outdoors and reconnect with the wild.

When the North Bay fires wreaked havoc on the Sonoma terrain, our community was pushed down, but we knew we had to get back up and grit our way through the hardship to rebuild. The Sonoma County Trails Council is a non-profit that’s dedicated to doing just that. Rebuilding and restoring the beautiful trails found in this place we call home.

“The Kenwood Vineyard volunteers joining us mid-week are a fantastic asset and greatly augment our weekend volunteer efforts, allowing us to double down to get the work done.” Ken Wells, Executive Director of Sonoma County Trails Council.

The best part about this partnership is that it’s not just on paper. The Kenwood team has been out in the field with the SCTC helping them restore the trails first hand. We’re happy to roll up our sleeves because we know the road to recovery is a long one. With financial support and added staff volunteer days, this partnership will provide the SCTC with much needed help.

If you’re inspired to get involved, then we’ve got good news for you — for every new sign up to our Kenwood Discoveries email list in the month of March, we will donate $1 to the Sonoma County Trails Council. You can help, as an existing member of our email list by encouraging your friends and family to sign up by sharing this link with them.