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Jan 30, 2018

Take it Outside: The Kenwood Outdoor Wine Drinker Kit

At Kenwood, we like to get outside as much as possible. Since drinking wine is part of our job, we like to kill two birds with one stone and take our tastings outside. The rugged Sonoma County terrain constantly calls us out from behind our desk and inspires us to disconnect. Drinking a glass of wine outdoors can help you do just that. You’ll be amazed at the full flavor profiles you can taste when you take away the distractions of the modern world. Similar to listening to music through noise canceling headphones, drinking wine outside can take away all other distractions and help you focus on taste and smell.
To truly enjoy the experience of an outdoor tasting, one must equip themselves with the proper gear. Real outdoorsman are prepared for anything and being a real outdoor wine drinker is no different. That’s why we put together this handy Outdoor Wine Drinker Kit to help you stay prepared for your next adventure…

Kenwood Sonoma County Series
First things first, you need wine. Our Sonoma County series is your ideal companion for a wine drinking trek. Every wine in the series showcases the vibrant fruit and balanced complexities that our formidable region is famous for producing. We recommend our Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon and so does Decanter Magazine (they gave us 91 points after all).

This may seem a bit obvious, but anyone who’s hosted a dinner party without a corkscrew will tell you it can kill the mood instantly. Don’t get caught empty handed without one of these guys… Consider investing in a Swiss Army Knife, they’re useful in more ways than one.

Wine Tumblers
Skip the Dixie cups... Invest in some elevated wine tumblers like stainless steel insulated ones from Yeti. They’re dishwasher safe and the cup design is suited for either red or white wine. The best thing about these cups is you don’t have to worry about them breaking like a real glass! In general, the Yeti website is worth a good peruse for anyone looking to invest in premium picnic or outdoor gear.

Stumps and rocks are nature’s chairs, but if you want to sit comfortably with a friend or lay down, then you’re going to need a blanket. We recommend finding a thick wool blanket.

Cherish the moment with pictures! Whether it’s an impressive picnic spread that you want to show off to your friends or a rare bird sighting that you happen to catch, it’s always great to have a camera ready when you’re exploring the great outdoors.

Pack it all up and get everything ready to go in a backpack. Roll up the wine and wine tumblers in the blanket for safe keeping and get ready to hit the road.

Now that you’ve got our trusty kit list you’re ready to try the experience for yourself. We recommend grabbing a bottle from our Sonoma County range and let your wandering feet do the rest. Cheers to your next adventure!