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Our Team

United by a passion for the wild, our experienced team are what makes Kenwood wines possible. Working together, the teams create the subtle flavors and blends we’re so proud of. No fruit is ever picked before being tasted and each tank and barrel is tasted at least once a day during fermentation to ensure the quality is captured at its optimum.


Zeke Neeley, Winemaker

Zeke Neeley


"When walking a vineyard near harvest it feels like a conversation between me, the vineyard and the wild forces of nature discussing what personality this wine will have, and then I do my best to reach that ideal."

Rachel Gondouin, Kenwood Assistant Winemaker

Rachel Gondouin

Assistant Winemaker

“I’m passionate about Kenwood’s commitment to the environment and sustainability and giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy quality wine.”

Viticulture Team

Cecelia Buckenham Baines, Kenwood Vineyards Viticulture Manager

Cecelia Buckenham Baines

Viticulture Manager

“Kenwood is humble, natural and unassumingly beautiful and it embraces the beautiful diverse region we live in. Our vineyards and people are a clear reflection of this and it’s impossible not to feel an affinity with it.”

Steve Ponzo, Kenwood Vineyards Grower Relations Representative

Steve Ponzo

Grower Relations Representative

“I love being able to get out into all the different vineyards across Sonoma County to make sure we are getting the highest quality fruit possible.”


Barrel Operations Supervisor

Pat Fallon

Barrel Operations Supervisor

“I love that Kenwood wines respect and reveal the varietal character of the grapes. They really convey the spirit of the AVA they were grown in.”

Tasting Room

Kate Heiligman, Kenwood Wine Club Manager

Kate Heiligman

Wine Club Manager

“I’m inspired daily by the beauty of the landscape in Sonoma.”

Caroline Gallivan, Visitor Center Assistant Manager

Caroline Gallivan

Visitor Center Assistant Manager

“There is a raw and untouched feeling about Sonoma that really draws your inner adventurer in and makes you feel as if you are the first to discover the land’s beauty.”