How We Work the Vineyards

Our winemaking team works closely with our viticulture and grower relations group to ensure they know exactly flavor profile that we are looking for each of the varieties and lots of wine that we make. No vineyard is chosen before both our winemaker and viticulturist have visited and approved it as being a source for our grapes.

The work at our Estate Vineyards

Just like the wines in our cellar, each of our estate vineyards is treated as its own individual entity with a unique management strategy crafted to bring out the best of its fruit. Vineyard practices such as pruning, crop load, tilling, leaf pulling, thinning and irrigation to name a few are employed by our vineyard managers to maximize the flavor from each of our vineyards.

Relations with local growers

We have built strong relationships with some of the best and longest standing growers in the region and work closely with the vineyard owners to let them know exactly the quality and flavor characteristics we desire. During the growing season our vineyard team visits all the vineyards we work with to scrutinize them and ensure their fruit is developing properly.

Environmental approach

By following sustainable growing practices, Kenwood Vineyards can continue the tradition of quality winemaking for generations to come. We adhere to this philosophy and make every effort to reduce waste, recycle and lower energy consumption.

Our viticulture team has certified all of our Estate Vineyards under the California Sustainable Winegrowing Program. We are also working with our grower partners to have 100% of our Sonoma County growers certified sustainable by 2019.