Zinfandel is often referred to as the Golden States iconic grape and you won’t find any better than at Sonoma County wineries. Kenwood Vineyards has prided itself on its highly acclaimed Sonoma County Zinfandel since its beginnings in 1970, but the history of the grape dates back to the 19th Century.

Native to Croatia, Zinfandel came from to California by way of east coast in the mid-1800s. Although the variety’s origin is in Europe, it found its true home in California where it is more widely planted than it is anywhere else in the world. Zinfandel grows in large clusters with big, thin-skinned berries that slowly mature to a beautiful blue/purple color as the fall harvest approaches. As Zinfandel ripens, the berries also shrivel slightly concentrating its sweetness and flavor. This concentration gives Zinfandel its ripe, jammy flavor and peppery notes.

Zinfandel does best in well-drained rocky soils in warm, but not too hot, conditions like those that are found in Sonoma County’s Dry Creek and Sonoma Mountain appellations. Here, the vines produce rich full-bodied wines that are full of fruity and spicy flavors.

Enjoy a bottle of our Six Ridges Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel with Italian food and zesty summer fare like grilled vegetables and barbeque.