Hello Wine Club Members!

Rain, rain and more rain have been the theme these last few weeks.  While these precipitation events have made it a challenge for getting around and accomplishing outdoor tasks (landscaping projects never seem to end at my house…) we are now in a great place in regard to our water table and irrigation pond levels.  Just a few short years ago the drought situation was quite dire, so we are fortunate to have Mother Nature providing us with the volume of rainfall to last us through the long growing season over the next 7+ months.

In the vineyard the vines are stirring, and buds are beginning to swell (they look a bit like popcorn) which is an indication that budbreak is fast approaching.  Many of the vineyards are complete or nearing competition of pruning and the cover crops of mustard, legume and grasses are a riot of color that are providing the backdrop to seemingly everyone’s family photos.

Spring always s feels like the earth is taking that morning stretch before the big activities really begin and so it is a traditional time of awakening and renewal that symbolize the celebration of surviving the winter season.  It is no question as to why many of the world’s ancient cultures celebrated like rock stars at the Spring equinox. You survived winter, now let’s go celebrate!

Our selection of new releases featuring heavily on the exuberant 2021 vintage will offer our club members and tasting room visitors an ample chance to stock your cellars.  The offering features a diverse selection of Sonoma’s bounty to share with friend, family and neighbors are our days begin to grow longer and the sun is a more frequent guest in our skies.  SO stock up, sip with some friends and don’t forget the sunscreen!


Mark Beaman
Kenwood Vineyards Winemaker


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