Our rich history paved the way for our philosophy and craft today. Established in the 1970s in the heart of Sonoma, we began winemaking long before the region’s AVAs were created. Our philosophy and craftsmanship are extensions of our rich history.

Never forceful with our craft, we don’t overwork or alter our wines because we don’t believe in standardized wines. For almost 50 years, Kenwood Vineyards has sought to make wines of character – characterized by the vineyards they come from, rather than the latest trends. Every day during harvest our winemakers sample the grapes taste how they’re naturally developing. They don’t settle until the crop reaches its peak of flavor, because only then can it truly tell the story of the land Highlighting the characterful notes of the places they come from, we restlessly pursue synergies with the wildest terroirs.

As we look to crafting new wines in the future, we’re fiercely passionate about doing so in a way that continues to protect nature, letting it thrive and speak through diverse flavors.