Originally from New York, Pat hasn’t always worked in the industry. He began his professional career working as a Chef for 17 years before he decided to explore new flavor territories. Having achieved a certificate in Viticulture and Winery Technology in 1996, he later gained extensive experience as a Cellar Worker, Cellar Master and Winemaker across California and Oregon for the past 22 vintages.

But it was here at Kenwood that Pat learned the ways of working in a premium winery. Pat first joined us back in 1998 until 2005 and credits Kenwood as a place where he not only learned a lot, but also where he created many fond memories and friends throughout the years. He returned for the vintage of 2017 to pursue his love of developing wines that reflect their wild terrain. Outside of the cellar, Pat loves to experiment with other artistic outlets – he’s a musician, luthier and watercolor painter specializing in architecture portraits.